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WerxMarketing is owned by Andrea Hill, a highly respected expert on small business in general, and the Jewelry Industry in particular. One of the things she teaches is that a company should never outsource its core competency, but everything else is fair game.

How much time do you spend managing your social media and website content development? How much is that time worth? What else could you be doing with that time? Or, if you're not spending sufficient time on either of those activities, how much customer engagement and awareness are you missing out on?

WerxMarketing provides social media, blogging, website management, and custom subscription services in several price ranges. We are certain that we have a package (or two) that will fit perfectly within your budget. With SupportWerx as your marketing partner, you can rest easy, knowing that your marketing is being managed, and that you're able to focus your efforts on your core competencies. Learn more about our subscription services by reviewing the options below.

Blog Services Subscription Packages

Blog Blogging Blogger Depositphotos 7162436 400X400webStudy after study demonstrates that regular blogging is the most reliable way to drive traffic to your website. But writing isn't for everyone, and even good writers can find they simply don't have the time that being a good blogger requires. 

If you lack time, want to bring on some fast expertise, and want to spend your personal energy focusing on other things for your business, let WerxMarketing do the blogging for you. WerxMarketing employs some of the best copy writers available - writers who are skilled in the nuances and business strategy of using a blog to drive traffic to your website. Not only does WerxMarketing provide excellent writers, but our writers have deep industry knowledge in the following areas:

  • Jewelry industry
  • Design businesses
  • Fashion
  • Luxury
  • Lifestyle Marketing

You need a professional blogging partner that understands your business and your industry. WerxMarketing is that partner, and we have a package that fits your budget.



If you are ready to subscribe, it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

    1. Select the your package from the subscription options below.
    2. Complete the subscription process. Your subscription will auto-renew every 30 days, though you can cancel it at any time.
    3. Once your subscription has been processed, you will receive a link to a questionnaire. Your answers will give us information about your past and current blog experience, your brand, and what you are looking for. Complete the questionnaire, and we'll be ready to get started!
    4. We will contact you directly to share with you how easy we make it to work with us - including submitting photographs, ideas, suggested posts, etc.!


Blog Services Subscriptions

One Blog per Month
$ 120
One high-quality blog each month
$120 per blog
500 - 700 words each
2 Blogs per Month
$ 225
Two high-quality blogs each month
$112.50 per blog
500 - 700 words each
Three Blogs per Month
$ 315
Three high-quality blogs each month
$105 per blog
500 - 700 words each
Four Blogs per Month
$ 360
Four high-quality blogs each month
$90 per blog
500 - 700 words each
Two Blogs per Week
$ 680
Two high-quality blogs each week
$85 per blog
500 - 700 words each
One long form blog per month (1500 + words)