Public Relations Today

As consumer requirements, publishing operations, and communications evolve and change, the work of Public Relations is changing as well. WerxMarketing is prepared to help you navigate these changes and deliver meaningful public relations value for your business. What are these changes?

1. The Traditional Press Release is Dead

That's right. Dead. Unless you're a government office or a Fortune 100, there's simply no benefit to writing a traditional release! Instead, use social media and email to get your message out. Develop relationships with editors, bloggers, and industry leaders and influencers. Make sure that your news is newsworthy, eye-catching, and well written. 

2. Editors Don't Want Announcements. They Want Experts

Content marketing has defined this new marketing era, and thought leadership is the engine behind content. Editors want to speak to experts. They want to be exposed to the newest ideas and most innovative thinkers. They want to gain insights they can't get on their own. This means you must have a better handle than ever before on your strategy, your brand vision, and the specific value and excitement you offer your target customers. This is the type of focus that gets an editor or influencer's atttention.

3. Producing Quality Content is Not Enough

Once you've created quality content and targeted the right audience of editors and influencers, you're just getting started. PR in the information age requires that you have the skills to amplify that content. In addition to social media and email, this means doing the lead generation, events, infographics, articles, and marketing newsletters that keep driving your story home. It means having results-oriented signature lines on every email, and a website that doesn't just display information, but generates interaction and engagement when people visit. Which leads us to . . . 

4. Your Website is a Public Relations Vehicle

Or it should be. It must be! Your website should express your brand in a compelling, clear fashion that drives your messages home on every page.

5. Quality Over Quantity

It's not the number of followers that counts. It's the quality. Your outreach should be geared to attracting the right attention from the right editors, influencers, and audiences. Thoughtful targeting of your public relations outreach is more important than ever before.

6. Social Advertising and Paid Promotion are a Growing Aspect of PR

Public Relations was never free, though getting a newspaper or magazine mention in the past was always exciting. According to Content Marketing Institute's benchmark report for 2016, more than 50% of B2B organizations are using social ads and promoted online posts to reach editors and influencers and generate additional publicity. 

How Can WerxMarketing Help?

So, how can the PRWerx team at WerxMarketing help? We have already adapted to these changes. We've been in the digital space since the digital space started, and it's native to us. We can get your news in front of the right people, and we know how to get and keep their attention using all the digital and traditional toolsets.

Everything we do for you will relate back to your strategy and brand vision, helping you create a compelling and memorable image as we share your insights and ideas. Whether that means putting you in a website that delivers, spreading your message across many different vehicles using a variety of interactive and informative mediums, or launching a broad online PR effort - that's our wheelhouse! 

We have cultivated an extensive list of editors, bloggers, and influencers across the jewelry, luxury, and apparel industries. When we do publicity work for you, we bring this vast database of resources to the table.

WerxMarketing' owner Andrea Hill always says, "You don't need all the customers. You just need the right customers." We live by that adage. While some companies are out trying to win an Instagram popularity contest, we're doing the things that get the right messages in front of the right people, using finely honed database marketing skills to set and hit our targets. We tailor your PR requirements to your budget, and make every dollar count.

If your Public Relations efforts need an update - or if you simply haven't been creating a public image for your company - let us help. It's what we do!


It's a very exciting time in the communications and marketing world, but it's also a time of change.