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Smart, Local and national Retail Marketing

Do you want us to help you explore your local advertising options and determine the best partners for you to find new customers and keep your store top-of-mind with your current customers? We do that.

Do you want us to create compelling in-store signage, displays, and point-of-purchase promotional elements to keep enthusiasm and interest high while your customers are shopping? We do that.

Do you want us to help you collaborate with other local merchants to create shared loyalty programs for your shared customers? We do that.

Do you want us to upgrade your branding elements, brush up your logo and your signage, and help your store brand have a fresh, updated look? We do that.

Do you want to host fun and engaging in-store events to thank current customers and encourage new customers and ongoing loyalty? We do that.

Do you want an in-store video to run on wall-mounted monitors, specialty signage like Duratrans, in-store audio loops, or radio spots? We do that.

Do you need a stronger, more beneficial website that helps generate store traffic and keeps your business top-of-mind even when your customers aren't in the neighborhood? We do that.

Do you want a fun, interactive social media experience that drives conversation and encourages your customers to refer your business to their friends? We do that too!

Whatever your independent retail business needs to create a strong, positive image in your community, WerxMarketing can help.