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Nobody Understands and Supports Designers Like WerxMarketing

We know you. You're that person who gets up every morning and puts her identity on the line by selling her creativity. You're that person who sees things differently than most people, thinks about the world in terms of shape, movement, color, texture, and what those things combined can mean. You're a designer.

Do you need to create marketing materials that sell your story to potential retailers and dealers? We do that.

Do you need to talk about materials and craftsmanship, and why these things should and do matter to today's consumer? We do that.

Do you need displays and signage to visually sell your designs at industry or consumer trade shows? We do that.

Do you need to plan regional marketing and advertising efforts to support dealers in a particular market? We do that.

Do you need powerful copy that gets you editorial exposure? We do that.

Do you need national display ads to sell your brand to the consumer public? We do that.

Do you need materials for trunk shows and to give to your stores as print collateral? We do that.

Do you need to create a strong website and social media strategy to reach out to consumers all over the world who may not have a store nearby that sells your designs? We do that.

Do you need to do all this while maintaining graphic design standards worthy of your overall brand? We do that too.

WerxMarketing takes particular pride in supporting jewelry, accessory, clothing, and consumer goods designers with advertising and marketing specific to the needs of the independent designer. We don't know of other marketing agencies that can claim that as a specialty! But we can and do.