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Few Marketers Understand Manufacturing Like We Do

Boutique manufacturing is alive and well in the United States, but today's manufacturers have challenges their forbears did not have. Today's manufacturer needs to sell more aggressively to potential distribution channels. Today's manufacturer often has an open channel to consumers. Today's manufacturer must market, whereas in the past, marketing was left to the distributors.

Do you need print materials or digital tablet presentations to help your salespeople sell your brand? We do that.

Do you need compelling direct marketing campaigns that grab the attention of your target dealers? We do that.

Do you need a website that offers both dealer and consumer access targeted to the needs of each group? We do that.

Do you need a social media strategy that creates consumer awareness that you can use to open new dealers? We do that.

Do you need displays, signage, advertising specialties, and print collateral for trade shows? We do that.

Do you need local or regional marketing, in business publications, outdoor, or any other media? We do that.

Do you need an email campaign that keeps your dealers informed, interested, and reordering? We do that.

Do you need safety, instructional, or other print and digital materials to satisfy regulatory requirements while maintaining a consistent look to your brand? We do that.

WerxMarketing works closely with many boutique manufacturers to help get their products and business in front of the consumers and resellers they need to reach.