Website Management Services Questionnaire

Thank you for subscribing to a SupportWerx website management services package! We're so excited to begin working for you!

Before we can get started, we need some important information about you. That's what this questionnaire is about. All you have to do is provide answers to the questions below, then hit submit. We'll take it from there.

Once you have completed this questionnaire we will begin the work of familiarizing ourselves with your website, and  one of our Project Coordinator team will contact you to discuss your needs and interests further. Then, we'll get right on creating the timely, high-quality, effortless website support you need!

We will need access to both your website "back end" and your website "host" to support your website needs. In this section, we would like information about your website host.

If your site is a Joomla, Wordpress, Magento or Drupal site, your host may be GoDaddy, eHost, HostClear, HostGator, a private contractor, or any number of hosting companies that "house" websites. If your website is with Shopify, Shopify is also your host. In some cases, Magento or Wordpress will also be your host.

Your website administrative access is how you log in to manage your website, sometimes referred to the website "admin" or the website "back end." We will need the admin access location -  which is sometimes located on the website itself, and sometimes a separate URL. We will also need your username and password.

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