Modern Marketing Requires Skilled Writers

Today's marketing is all about content, and content starts with words. Those words may ultimately be converted to graphics, but at the beginning of all marketing is a message, which requires words.

While Fortune 500 companies have quickly learned that they need skilled writers to convey their words, small business has been slow to grasp the value of skilled writers. The internet today is filled with examples of bad writing, and it is rife with mediocre writing. Let's be clear, just because someone has good grammar doesn't make them a skilled writer. What is a skilled writer?

  • A writer who can convey a message in a compelling and clear manner.
  • A writer who uses the right words, the best possible words, to convey an idea.
  • A writer who can distill a message to the least amount of words.
  • And yes, a writer who has excellent technical writing skills, which includes grammar but is so much more than that.

Now we must add another element to the list of what makes a good writer. This element is skill in the area of SEO; the ability to integrate SEO words and phrases into writing without diluting or losing the inherent value of the message or quality of the writing.

 SupportWerx writers are professional writers.

  • All SupportWerx writers have college degrees in creative writing, journalism, English language studies, and technical or business writing. We take our writing very seriously here.
  • We use specific style guides for our writing. For formal writing (white papers, books, and some editorial), we use the APA style. Our informal writing is guided by the Chicago style. Writing styles may not be what our clients are focused on, but rigorous application of writing styles leads to higher quality work. 
  • All SupportWerx writers are trained in SEO, and because SEO is constantly changing, our training is constantly evolving as well.
  • We edit one another. All writing we produce is passed to another writer for editing. This helps us maintain high quality by catching any errors and adding another skilled perspective.

If your organization is creating content for marketing purpose, you deserve the best writing. That's SupportWerx. We're proud of our content development for good reason. We employ the most skilled writers we can find, and set them loose to do what they love to do. We think you'll love it too. your social media marketing partner