Are We There Yet? The State of Social Commerce

men looking at a motorcycleWhen we set up a marketing package for a client, one of the first things we are asked — every time! — is about "buy now" buttons and social commerce. We still tell our clients that unless they are selling something for $50 or less, social commerce hasn't arrived yet. We continue to see the evolution of social commerce, but it's hype is greater than its delivery so far.

Does that mean we don't recommend doing social or social commerce for high-ticket items (pretty much all we do at SupportWerx is high-ticket)? Not at all! But we use social as a way of creating awareness, generating leads (email addresses), and encouraging engagement — without the expectation that an order will take place. How does that work?

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4 Important Points About Search in 2017

search graphicToday's blog at TrustedSite  shared some really critical information about winning at search in 2017. Here are the four important points you must know:

1. Indexing is Mobile First. That means that Google looks at your mobile site before your desktop site when deciding your page rank.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Be Long. That's right - there's a correlation between longer content and better search results.

3. Citation Signals Took a Hit. Local business listings and directories used to give you search advantage - even if they didn't link to your site. But they are becoming much less important.

4. Reviews are Becoming More Important. When customers review you on Yelp, Google, or any other review site, that's a form of Social Proof, and social proof is something that nudges you up in the search rankings.

You should read the whole article, then forward it to your website developer and make sure you're getting all the search benefits your website deserves.  READ IT HERE

Have a great day!

Katie, Tiffany and Janet
The Project Coordinator Team at SupportWerx

How to Set Up Your Google Analytics Account

For a lot of people, the Google Analytics website is very confusing. But it's so important to start using analytics to manage and improve your web presence. Today, we want to share a simple, step-by-step instruction on how to set up your Google Analytics account. Just get this one thing under your belt! After that, you can learn one more.

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Optimize Website  Images to Improve SEO

SEO for Images? You Betcha!

When most people think of SEO, they think of words. Key words (which are becoming old school, by the way), key phrases, and search terms. But a very part of your website SEO are the images themselves! Are you doing everything you can to maximize the SEO value of the images you choose to share? Here are five tips for making sure your images do double-duty, as both valuable content and website lures.

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What Professional Copywriters Know . . . and You Should Too!

writer male stockunlimited1734467 400X276We write a lot of copy for customers, and we want to let you in on a little secret. At the heart of excellent copywriting is a plan. A copy plan - like the one we're sharing with you, free, today.

The best writer in the world will write a weak ad without a plan, but an iffy writer with a terrific plan can still get her message across! So we're sharing this Copy Planner with you to help you create better ads and promotions every time. Whether you use the planner to produce your own ads, or complete the planner and then send it to SupportWerx copywriters to write (which will save you time, and therefore money, by the way!), the Copy Planner is your best tool for improving your advertising results.


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5 Lesser-Known CRM Uses

Republished From Website Magazine

crm customers stockunlimited1768912 webIf you're already a SupportWerx client, you know how much we value the use of a strong customer relationship management (CRM) software. Whether you are using Greenrope, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, SalesForce, Hatchbuck, or something else, every business today requires the functionality that a well-written CRM offers.

Today we read this article in Website Magazine about "5 Lesser-Known CRM Uses." They said it so well that we're just passing it along to you!

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SEO for Beginners: SupportWerx Explains SEO in Plain English

SEO is a massive web of interconnected linksQuick question: What is SEO? If you answered “keywords and links,” you were about 30% right. There’s a lot more to SEO than keywords and links these days. Here is an explanation, in plain English, about SEO, what it involves, and why it matters.

What is Search?

When you do a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, are you searching the web?

Um. No.

What you are actually searching is Google’s (or Bing’s, or Yahoo’s) INDEX of the web. But mostly, you’re worried about Google. Why? Because Google represents 80% of all search engine traffic. Next comes Yahoo with 9.5% of search traffic, Bing with 8.5% of search traffic, and everyone else makes up the final 2%.

Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Only Care About Being the Best Search Engine

When visitors type a query into a search box and land on your site, will they be satisfied with what they find? This is what SEO is all about. The search engines are each competing to be the best search engine, and that means if they send someone to your site, that someone better be happy with the results!

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Modern Marketing Demands Skilled Writers

writer male stockunlimited1734467 400X276Today's marketing is all about content, and content starts with words. Those words may ultimately be converted to graphics, but at the beginning of all marketing is a message, which requires words.

While Fortune 500 companies have quickly learned that they need skilled writers to convey their words, small business has been slow to grasp the value of skilled writers. The internet today is filled with examples of bad writing, and it is rife with mediocre writing. Let's be clear, just because someone has good grammar doesn't make them a skilled writer. What is a skilled writer?

  • A writer who can convey a message in a compelling and clear manner.
  • A writer who uses the right words, the best possible words, to convey an idea.
  • A writer who can distill a message to the least amount of words.
  • And yes, a writer who has excellent technical writing skills, which includes grammar but is so much more than that.

Now we must add another element to the list of what makes a good writer. This element is skill in the area of SEO; the ability to integrate SEO words and phrases into writing without diluting or losing the inherent value of the message or quality of the writing.

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