Social Media Services Questionnaire

Thank you for subscribing to SupportWerx' social media package! We're so excited to begin working for you!

Before we can get started, we need some important information about you. That's what this questionnaire is about. All you have to do is provide answers to the questions below, then hit submit. We'll take it from there.

As you complete this questionnaire, we will begin the work of looking up everything we can find about you (and by you) online. Once we receive your answers to this questionnaire, we'll be able to get started immediately!

You will want to gather a few things before you begin:

  • Your usernames and passwords for all your social media accounts.

  • For your Facebook account, please don't send us the username and password- because that gives us access to your personal page as well. Instead, please take the following steps:
    1. Go to and invite Andrea (she owns SupportWerx) to be your friend.
    2. Once she has accepted your friend request, go to your Facebook Business Page
    3. Select "Settings."
    4. Select "Page Roles."
    5. Type in Andrea Hill's name and select the role of "admin."
    6. Now we will be able to access your Facebook Page through one of our own accounts and not through your personal page!
  • If you have specific colors, color numbers, and fonts that you use for your brand, please gather that information too.

And that's it! Once you have gathered that information, please start this questionnaire. Then we'll get right on creating the powerful, engaging social media presence your business needs!

In this section we ask you to provide specific brand details to help us share your brand and your story in the most consistent way.

Please click on each social media environment you are currently engaged in. If you have a username and password, it counts!

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