Marketing Subscriptions

Thank you for subscribing for your custom SEO services plan for Dawes Design. This plan includes the following:

We have estimated that you have approximately $6,000 worth of "back" SEO work to do on your site, including updates to items and refinements of site setup. In addition, you will be adding new items to the site over time that will require SEO attention.

Rather than spending $6,000 at one time for your SEO, we recommend stretching the work out so you can start realizing the benefits of SEO work even as you pay for the work. The work that we will do for you includes:

  • Going into each item and improving the write-ups to ensure the best possible search parameters.
  • Updating meta descriptions to ensure social media shares include the right information for each item.
  • Fine-tuning your shopify setups to ensure your site is performing at optimum levels for SEO using Google guidelines.
  • Adding each item that we touch to a social media sharing library, so that over time you are guaranteed at least one high-quality product share on social media per day.

For these services we will charge $500/month. This agreement is cancellable at any time.


This custom marketing package provides for 15 hours monthly Google adwords, banner, and social media advertising, and associated SEO activities.